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Tandem is committed to a collaborative learning process and utilizes the innate strengths of each community member to expand the horizons of our students. 通过重视个人责任和相互尊重, we support students as they transform into inspiring leaders and thrive in our ever-changing world. 

在这里, students and teachers join daily in the work of learning on our beautiful campus at the foot of Carter Mountain. 十大电子游艺网站排行鼓励学生看到自己和他人最好的一面, as they follow their emerging passions and interests and explore new avenues for growth and learning.

创造一个可以进行这种学习的地方是一项不小的壮举, 十大电子游艺网站排行需要整个社区的支持来实现这一目标. Just as Tandem will always exist in the hearts and minds of the students and families who have passed through our doors, 十大电子游艺网站排行需要你们的支持来塑造十大电子游艺网站排行学校的未来. We hope that you will give to support the amazing endeavor that is the Tandem experience. 

Tandem的核心一直是人民:支持和激励的教师, 与同学的友谊可以持续一生, 和教练, 董事, 以及帮助十大电子游艺网站排行的学生为这个需要他们的世界做好准备的顾问.

当你想到Tandem,你会立刻想到十大电子游艺网站排行的老师. 十大电子游艺网站排行的教师塑造了他们所教的每一个学生的经历和未来. Attracting and retaining these dedicated professionals requires the school to be able to offer competitive salaries and benefits as well as provide valuable professional development opportunities. 

十大电子游艺网站排行寻求能够在十大电子游艺网站排行独特的教育环境中茁壮成长的学生, 谁将把十大电子游艺网站排行的学校项目探索到最充分, 他们毕业后将改变世界. 维持一个代表广泛背景的学生团体, 文化, 各行各业, 以及财政状况, Tandem Friends makes financial aid available each year to families with demonstrated need. 在这个经济不稳定的时期, 十大电子游艺网站排行提供经济援助的能力比以往任何时候都更加重要. 

The Tandem experience goes beyond textbooks and classroom instruction; we continue our focus on the “whole child” approach to adolescent education. Tandem Friends为学生提供了许多探索艺术的机会, 体育运动, 阀杆, 社会正义倡议和领导力.  

无论是在球场上还是在舞台上, 在学生会或创客空间, Tandem students choose from a rich array of opportunities to develop their interests, 磨练他们的技能,成为任何努力的领导者. 十大电子游艺网站排行的学生组织十大电子游艺网站排行的母亲节音乐节, 参加模拟联合国和科学奥林匹克竞赛, 在戏剧中让人眼花缭乱, 音乐会和艺术表演. Tandem cares about every student's entire experience and provides professional resources through our 学习资源中心 and our team of school counselors.  

The 南希·希尔斯·约翰逊学生体验基金 supports Tandem Friends' experiential education programs, 包括年级水平的旅行等项目, off-campus classroom learning opportunities and student participation in approved conferences and programs.  大流行期间旅行暂停, experiential learning still continues with virtual opportunities and the fund builds for when trips can resume.  了解更多关于这个基金的信息.

努力建立和保持多元化, 公平的, and inclusive community is an important part of Tandem’s history and an essential element of who we are today. 做好这件事需要专注, 故意的努力, 与机构的联系, 投入大量的时间和资源. 确保正在进行的, excellent professional development for the entire faculty and staff and consistent student programming continues to be one of our highest priorities. The 戈登·菲尔兹多元化、公平和包容倡议基金 honors the influence Gordon has had on the students and alumni of 十大电子游艺网站排行 and supports programmatic expenses in the area of DEI. 了解更多关于这个基金的信息.

十大电子游艺网站排行美丽的31英亩校园是十大电子游艺网站排行的另一个显著特点. The graduation lawn with its mature trees and the spacious quad give Tandem Friends a small college campus feel. 十大电子游艺网站排行的环境保持安静,尽管不断的嗡嗡声的活动. 

十大电子游艺网站排行优秀的维修人员一直在割草, 覆盖, 删除叶子, 种花,照料树木和灌木. 他们也保持在57岁以上,000平方英尺的室内空间加上场地, 冥想花园, 还有自然小径. 十大电子游艺网站排行的主楼已经有将近200年的历史了,需要细心的照料. 无论是修剪对冲, 绘画教室, 检查锅炉或修理门把手, 总有一些事情可以做来保持十大电子游艺网站排行的物理空间的安全和美丽.  
Tandem Friends has made significant investments in technology to support the delivery of our academic programs. Ensuring that every student in grades 5-9 receives a school Chromebook each year has been essential to the feasibility of remote learning. 除了超过7,000个印刷标题, 十大电子游艺网站排行的图书馆提供各种各样的数据库和数字资源. 通过这些资源, Tandem学生可以接触到成千上万的报纸, 杂志, 主要来源, 多媒体和学术期刊.  

——Lauren (TFS '20)
你现在可以扣除你的礼物串联,即使你采取标准扣除. The CARES Act that allowed for up to $300 per taxpayer ($600 for a married couple) in an above-the-line deduction for charitable gifts has been extended through December 2021. 这意味着你可以降低你的所得税账单给串联今天, 即使你没有列出纳税明细.  如果你列出你的税单, the provision allowing you to deduct up to your entire Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) was also extended through December 2021. 一如既往,十大电子游艺网站排行建议您与您的税务顾问讨论您的具体情况.